Board of Commissioners

PT Prima Andalan Mandiri

Eddy Sugianto

President Commisioner

Eddy Sugianto was born in Pontianak, 11 February 1946. He was actively involved in entrepreneurship and has had experience in sales before joining/founding Mandiri Group. He is currently the President Commissioner of the Company, the position he has been holding since 2005.

Diah Asriningpuri Sugianto


Diah Asriningpuri Sugianto earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Australian National University and Master’s Degree from Nanyang Business School. She held numerous key positions in Mandiri Group prior to her appointment as Commissioner in 2018.

Sendang Pangganjar


Sendang Pangganjar has a wide range of experience in financial advisory matters for almost 20 years, including several years in banking as Group Head at private bank, Associate Director in the Corporate Finance division of a “Big-10” public accounting firm, and as Director in a securities company.