Board of Directors

PT Prima Andalan Mandiri

Handy Glivirgo

President Director

Handy Glivirgo started his career in Mandiri Group in 1984 and has held key positions in various companies of Mandiri Group. He earned his Bachelor of Economy degree from Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana. He has held the position of President Director in PT Prima Andalan Mandiri since 2005. He is also the President Director of PT Mandiri Intiperkasa, PT Mandala Karya Prima, and PT Maritim Prima Mandiri.

Liu Chen Zhi


Liu Chen Zhi earned his degree from National University of Singapore in 2005. Prior to his appointment as a Director of PT Prima Andalan Mandiri in 2017, he has held several key positions in Mandiri Group.

Erita Kasih Tjia


Erita Kasih Tjia earned her degree in Economic from Universitas Atmajaya, Jakarta in 1984. She was appointed as the Director of PT Harapan Mandiri Utama in 1990 and the Director of PT Mandiri Traktor Utama in 1996. Erita has been holding the position of Director in PT Prima Andalan Mandiri since 2011, and she also holds the position of Director in PT Mandala Karya Prima.

Patta Sofyan


Patta Sofyan earned his degree in mining engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung(ITB) in 2006. befor he was appointed as a director in PT Prima Andalan Mandiri, he had held the position as Technical Director in PT Global Mining Services from 2008 until now.