Corporate Social Responsibilities

Developing Communities aimed at building meaningful relationships between the company and communities, government, and business partners.

Managing social and environmental aspects throughout the company’s operational areas is a part of our efforts of running a sustainable business that brings positive contributions to greater public welfare. We have set up social programs under the theme of Community Development, aimed at building meaningful relationships between the company and communities, government, and business partners.

Our community development programs cover education, health, and entrepreneurship by not only providing material aid, but also facilitation and assistance in hopes that these communities will later grow to be independent and capable of improving their standards of living, which counts as contributions to the company’s vision and mission.

Corporate Environmental Responsibilities

Reclamation and Revegetation

We have implemented reclamation and revegetation programs in ex-mining areas through our subsidiary, PT Mandiri Intiperkasa. Our programs include the backfilling of ex-mining areas, land surface clearing of stone column/overburden inside and outside the mine, top soil spreading, and revegetation.

The future of mining industry relies heavily on the footprints it has left. We believe a company’s reputation is valued not only based on the benefits it provides during the operational stage, but also how committed it is to responsible mine closing, so that the post-mining areas can be re-used by the communities and government.

Contributing to The Future

Heading Toward A Brighter Future.

We believe that creating values and making long-term impacts pave the way for the communities around our business operation areas to having a better life. We always seek to improve ourselves and learn from experience to increase our profitability, so that we can contribute to our people and nation.

We aim to increase our coal production capacity by 2 million tons annually and for our target markets, both domestically and internationally. We remain focused on process efficiency and strict cost control, in-line with our plan to develop additional supporting infrastructures. We also emphasize the importance of human resources in creating a professional work environment, so that our customers derive optimal benefits from our products and services.