Who We Are

We are Coal Mining company with the "Mandiri Coal" brand. Mandiri Coal is an environmentally-friendly with low ash and sulphur contents, and can be safely utilized directly by power plants. We are a reliable and integrated coal company that is run by professionals who server with utmost integrity, aiming to be the leader in harnessing the rich natural resources for a brighter future.

Our Vision


Our Mission

  • Providing coal with uncompromised quality to meet global demand.
  • Focusing on prosperity with sincere commitment, utmost integrity, and excellent business conduct.
  • Realizing a sustainable and responsible environmental stewardship.

Our Values



We are honest, ethical, and fair in our words and actions. We honor commitments and work to maintain our reputation as a partner of choice in mining and exploration.



We achieve excellent performance through teamwork, diligence, and innovation. We ensure the health and safety of every employee. We also value diversity and treat everyone with respect.



Every action we do is accountable and we always strive to contribute positively to the environment and local communities.

Mandiri Coal Milestones

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    PT Mandiri Intiperkasa, a coal mining company, was established in 1989.

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    In 1994, PT Mandiri Intiperkasa obtained a coal mining license for an area of 50,000 Ha in North Kalimantan. The license is a Coal Contract of Work No.08/PK/PTBA-MI/1994.

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    After many revisions of the concession area, the company began coal production in 2004.
    According to the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources letter No. 241.K/40.00/DJG/2003, the concession area of PT Mandiri Intiperkasa was reduced to 9,240 Ha.

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    PT Mandala Karya Prima was established as a coal contracting company.

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    PT Maritim Prima Mandiri was established as a coal transshipment company.

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    • PT Mandala Karya Prima started work for PT Mandiri Intiperkasa as a coal contractor, conductingng overburden removal for the mine.
    • PT Maritim Prima Mandiri started supporting PT Mandiri Intiperkasa with the barging of coal from mine jetty to the Mother Vessel loading point.
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    PT Mandiri Intiperkasa and PT Mandala Karya Prima implemented SAP ERP to optimize business processes.

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    PT PAM acquired PT Mandiri Intiperkasa(MIP), PT Mandala Karya Prima (MKP),and PT Maritim Prima Mandiri (MPM).

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    PT Maritim Prima Mandiri invested in Tanker with capacity 5.000 KL.

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    PT Mandiri Intiperkasa and PT Mandala Karya Prima obtained ISO certifications, as follow, ISO 9001(Quality), ISO 45001 (Health and Safety),  ISO 14001 (Environment), and SMK3 (PP No. 50 Year 2012),and SMKP (PermenESDM No. 38 Year 2014).

  • 2021

    The Company was formally listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) on September 7, 2021, with the ticker symbol MCOL.

  • 2022

    Achieved 9.02 million metric tons of production, the Company’s highest-ever output.

Organizational Structure